February 2021 Blog Post

    February 2021 Blog Post

    I have been away from my blog for a while due to homeschooling my two kids, work commitments, etc. Finally, I am back!

    I have started a weekly genealogy tip on my twitter @dawnharvey.com. Tip #1 is about using the Latin variants of first names in an effort to find your Irish Catholic ancestors in birth, marriage and death records. Some of the Latin variants are too different for search engines to recognize. For example, my third great grandfather was William Walshe. I was having trouble finding him in the New York Catholic Parish records then I decided to search for the Latin variant which was “Gulielmus”. As soon as I listed “Guilelmus Walshe” in the search field his records appeared. Here is another example: My husband’s third great grandfather was Dennis King. I couldn’t locate Dennis’ Philadelphia Catholic Parish Marriage record until I searched for “Dionysius King”. Sure enough, I found his 1847 church marriage record to Mary Sweeney. 

    A twitter follower noted that sometimes priests would make up a Latin variant if none existed – and this is true!  Here is a hint: if you cannot find the Latin variant to a name then simply search using the first letter of the first name. 

    What brick walls have you encountered in your search for ancestors?  Let me know what questions you would like to have answered at mail@dawnharvey.com.

    Happy Searching!




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