• Blog Update August 2022

    Wow! It has been awhile since I last updated this blog. Lots of things have come up over the past year such as a cross-country move to Sussex County, Delaware, getting a new puppy, commercial acting work, getting kids settled into their new home and writing my family history book.

    I wondered what I should write about in this blog post today then it hit me that it is almost September. This is a good time to determine if you will be sending out genealogy gifts to family members for the holiday season. Last year I sent out family tree charts to my family and my husband's family as Christmas gifts. The gifts were well-received and it gave me an opportunity to do some research on some branches of our family tree that I hadn't looked at in awhile. A combination of new dna matches and recently posted records resulted in adding some new surnames and places of origin to our combined family trees. 

    This year I am thinking of making a family cookbook to send to our families. We have some favorite recipes that we have acquired over the years, but we really don't have many recipes that have been passed down. I would especially like to include some dishes that reflect my Irish, Scottish, English, German, Cornish, Swedish and Finnish heritage. Any suggestions out there? I've got a great soda bread recipe, but that is about all. We are looking for some Polish recipes to represent my husband's side of the family tree as well. I look forward to receiving feedback from readers.

    Also, feel free to send me any questions. 

    Until next time,




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